Acting is not for everyone; it is for a few chosen people, and that is something we must all appreciate. And while there are many people who call themselves actors, that description could be too big for some of them. That said, it is important to know some of the makings of a good actor so that in case you’re contemplating becoming one, you will know how to navigate your path.

Confidence: This is a giant of a quality. An actor without confidence can destroy a whole shooting scene, unless his role in the movie is to depict a character with no confidence. As an actor, you will come face to face with lots of crowds, especially when shooting the movie, and you will need to ooze confidence and demonstrate that you know what you are doing. Without confidence, any slight thing can cause tension in you, and you may forget your lines.

Ability to memorise things: If you are an actor, you will be given several lines which you will need to memorise. You will need to go through the lines time and again just to ensure they stick. If you have a poor memory, you may forget some of your lines while shooting. And while it is normal for actors to forget lines, repeated memory lapses can disgrace them.

Teamwork spirit: As an actor, you will be working with the producer, the cast team, the crew, the director, and other people towards achieving a common goal. Thus, you should have a teamwork spirit. Being a lone wolf may not help much here.

Receptive to correction/willingness to learn: Don’t ever imagine that you know everything in acting. It pays to accept that there are people who know some things better than you, and you should be willing to accept corrections. Listen to what the movie director and producer want you to do. Don’t act the way you want, act the way it is required.