Every movie lover has that one or several movies that they identify so strongly with. Such movies hit such a soft spot that movie lovers feel like they speak directly to them. If they could, movie lovers would draw such acts from the screen and make them part of their lives.

Now, thanks to an assortment of poster frames from Desenio, it is possible to bring some of these movies to your home- at least partly. Desenio’s frames enable you to mount your favorite movie posters on the walls in your home or office in an organized and life-like manner.

Whatever the size of the movie poster you are looking to mount on your wall, there is an appropriate Desenio frame for you. There is a range of eight frames to choose from, ranging from small frames for photos to those for posters as large as A5, A4, and A3 sizes. This means that if you get an autographed photo from your favorite movie star or get a huge poster of them, you have a fitting frame to set it up on your wall.

Why Desenio Poster Frames?

Besides the huge variety in size, Desenio poster frames come with a host of other features that you will love.

Ease of Mounting: Mounting your posters is much easier using a frame than can be stuck on the wall. The Desenio frame opens easily from the back. Once you open it, all you need to do is to lay the face of the poster on the protective glass and close the frame again. One major advantage of this kind of poster mounting is that it allows you to correct any mistakes that may occur in the mounting process. It also does not deface your walls in case you need to remove or change posters. Depending on your favorite movie at a particular time, you can change posters as many times as you want without damaging any of them.

Protection: Movie posters are sometimes quite expensive. It is, therefore, important that you use a mount that protects your posters from dirt and stains and keeps them in good condition for a long time. Desenio poster frames have an acrylic glass face for this purpose. The glass does not affect the viewing of the posters but it protects them from any kind of defacing, maintaining them in their fresh condition for a long time.

Style: Whatever style or theme suits your taste, there is a Desenio poster frame to go with it. The online shop stocks both wooden and metal frames. Wooden frames are available in light wood, oak, black or white. The metal variety is available in black, copper, gold, and silver. Whatever movie genre your posters belong to, thus, you will find a frame that blends with them well.

You may even decide to use different frames to create a beautiful wall gallery with posters from different movies. This way, you can immortalize the movies that you love. Desenio poster frames enable you to do this in style and allow you to make changes whenever you want. If you haven’t already done it, you should try this amazing method of bringing your favorite movies to your space.