Selecting a good digital workplace software or intranet solution for a film production company may be challenging, considering that there are many solution providers out there. However, with the following factors in mind, the task can be super easy. Here, we look at three considerations:


Does the software offer a reliable data encryption feature? Like any company, film production companies handle huge volumes of data, some of which is sensitive. This data should be encrypted to ensure only authorised persons can access it. For instance, a solution such as the digital workplace from Omnia features encryption protocols, helping to secure data transmission like no other. Omnia intranet also provides robust access control mechanisms, allowing company administrators to define user roles and permissions. This helps ensure that users only have access to the information and features relevant to their roles. Does the software (Omnia) adhere to industry standards and regulations regarding content security? The answer is yes.

Integration Capabilities

The solution should allow for integration with, for instance, video editing software, project management tools, and other production-specific applications. It should also be easy to integrate with any existing authentication systems for easy user access. If the film company allows employees to work using their mobile devices, which actually facilitates e-mobility, it is important to choose an intranet solution that integrates with mobile device management tools.

Collaboration Tools

Does the intranet solution facilitate real-time communication and discussion among team members? This is yet another essential feature of a dependable digital workplace for any movie production firm. Again, this is where the digital workplace from Omnia comes in. The platform is designed to facilitate collaboration within any organisation by providing a centralised platform for communication, information sharing, and collaborative work. Some collaboration features to look out for in your solution include, among others, the following:

  • Document management
  • Discussion forums
  • Centralised document storage