Filmmaking is a highly collaborative process. In order for a great movie to be made, a vast team needs to work effectively together. There is a wide range of departments involved during production. One of the most important is the set decorator. It is their job to fill the diegetic space with furniture and other d├ęcor elements. When done effectively, the set will appear natural and realistic. A set decorator could purchase these various items from Royal Design as their site has an extensive enough catalogue to be relevant to numerous film genres.

The Items That Need to Be Used

The number and types of items used will depend on various factors. This will include the location of the set, the time period and the plot. When it comes to the props found in a standard living room, the items may include tables, chairs, TV stands, lamps, shelving and much more. All of these are available from RoyalDesign in a variety of styles and colours. This will make them applicable to many productions. If the set decorator needs to create a traditional or modern interior, they will find items on the site to utilise effectively.

How the Budget Will Affect the Set

When it comes to choosing props to decorate the set, the most significant influence will be the budget. A section of it will go towards each department. One of the primary roles of the decorator is to find items that are affordable so that their funds are not used up. Because filmmaking can be expensive, crowdfunding has gained popularity in recent years.

Interestingly, even though a set item may seem cheap initially, famous film props tend to gain value over time. Their price will be based on how well-known the movie becomes. For example, if someone used an affordably priced Royal Design teapot in a scene that became iconic, then it could fetch thousands of pounds at an auction.

Visual Messages About the Plot and Characters

Often the set decorator will use the props and furniture to communicate visual messages related to the film. If a character is in a dangerous setting, then this could be signified via the colour and shape of set items. For example, in the Godfather film series, oranges are utilised to tell the audience that a character will die. Therefore set decoration requires a high level of creative skill. The decorator needs to study the script and collaborate with the director in order to come up with interesting visual metaphors.