Horror movies remain one of the most popular genres across all age groups. Great movies understand how to evoke human emotion, but no genre can do it better than horror. Fear is the fastest emotion that we experience and we are able to feel it in safety. Waiting with trepidation and baited breath for the next scary moment is a feeling we crave. We like being scared. No horror film is complete without its gory props, of course, and sometimes these items can gain a life of their own or become almost as famous as the film itself.

The Trademarks Of Horror

Great props make a powerful addition to any film. The totem stickman figures from the Blair Witch Project are a great example. These simple figures have actually become the trademark of this terrifying film and the most iconic movie props of all time. The knife in Psycho, the Ouija board, the doll from ‘Annabelle’ and the crucifix from ‘The Exorcist’ all immediately remind us of the fear levels associated with that particular terrifying film. Some movie props, like the Lemarchands puzzle box from the Hellraiser series, have become legendary. This infamous gold box is capable of opening a bridge to another dimension filled with pain and demons. Today, many of these thrilling items are highly sought after, with collectors Preserving film ephemera for future generations to enjoy.

The Fascination Of Memorabilia

Most people associate movie memorabilia with items like autographs and posters, but collecting props is also a popular pastime. There are high-end auctions hosted by many auction houses, including Christie’s. Professional prop dealers have appeared and nowadays it is easy to buy items used in film productions. There are galleries in London, Los Angeles and other major cities displaying horror film props. Even Warner Bros. Studio hold exhibitions for fright fans, displaying a whole range of costumes and props from the studio’s top scary films. These items are the very latest in collectibles by film buffs. It can be an absorbing and fun hobby and does not need to be expensive. If you are interested in horror props then visit https://www.barnebys.co.uk/ and check out the range of scary collectibles on offer!