The importance of music to movies and videos cannot be overstated. Every content creator knows that professional background soundtracks can make or break their project. Music and sounds are at the core of driving emotional responses, even more than the visuals. Given such importance, there are pitfalls and crucial things to consider before landing on music for your horror movie. Read on, as we detail every aspect you ought to know.

The Perfect Emotion

Horror movies signal fright. The sound effects and music need to be suspenseful, scary, and create a weird atmosphere. They are neither buzzing, gentle, nor soothing pieces. Instead, you should find a gripping, evocative sound that is sure to drive horror fans to the edge.

Non-linear sounds like a psycho’s scream or distressed animals are the preference of many creators. Such voices are what pull in viewers, manipulate their emotions, then trigger that fight or flight instinct. Horror fanatics are always in need of such feelings.

Royalty-Free and Copyright

The legality of digital content is often a sensitive matter. Ensure you’re familiar with copyright issues before using any music on your horror video project. Always respect intellectual property rights unless you’re creating your pieces.

However, creating your background music isn’t easy or time-saving. There are uncountable factors that come into play. The best way is to use free non copyrighted music provided by experts. You’re able to save time and, at the same time, evade copyright complexities on your work.

Background Music Means Background

Even in horror movies, the soundtracks are meant to complement the overall script. As a content creator, you can barely afford to go overboard. Make sure that the music offers little or no distraction to the storyline and visuals. Find the ideal balance between drastic instrumental changes and thematic shifts.

Music Genre

For every music genre, you’re sure to find the corresponding film genre. Traditionally, the influence of horror movies can be attributed to rock and metal. However, horror movie directors are turning to spin-offs as the desired background movies. Some of the most used sub-genres include horrorcore, haunted house, southern gothic (Gothic Americana), terrorcore, and danger.